HIMO’G HUNI: Beyond Music and Lyrics (Part 3)

Finale of the Himo’g Huni Series

Love Online
Kristian Nikko Geangan could be a familiar name. He is, after all, a former Mr. BISU titlist who has also participated in a number of male pageants in the past. His claim to fame, however, is not by merits of his boy-next-door good looks but through his singing, when he was able to appear in the boob tube by being a daily contender at Tawag ng Tanghalan. Many were swoon by his physical attributes but it was his charming voice that took the hearts of many under arrest.



It is without a doubt why Facebook Love Song (F.B.L.S.) gives you the right amount of kilig and feels that gets your spine tinkling every time it plays on your device or through your radio. But it is not just Nikko’s voice that makes the song endearing. The sweet melody and its witty lyrics get you.


Written by Jerus Basio, FBLS is a song that tackles the shift of courtship from offline to online. The lyrics, as I mentioned, is witty with a pinch of reality. After all, who doesn’t visit their crush’s Facebook profile?

With social media the new courtship grounds, FBLS creates a mental picture of how the display of love is now online and just a click away. Now, who can’t really relate?

On The Rocks
“Luoy kayo ang song.” (The song is so sad)
“Sakita sa kanta uy.” (The song hurts.)
“Martyr kaayo si girl.” (The girl is such a martyr.)


These are the usual comments that you associate with Kita Pa Ba?, a song that plays to your heartstrings when you are in a relationship on the verge of falling apart. Written by Maricel Sombrio and interpreted by Iris Garsuta, the song hits you with its piano instrumental and very telling lyrics of a girl who loves and is fighting to keep the love alive.

“Gisulat ni nako overnight unya adto time-a, sige me’g away-away sa akong uyab,” says Maricel. “Kapuy man ang relationship pero dili ka dali ka-let go kay sayang kaayo. Sakit kaayo.”
(I wrote the song overnight and at that time, my boyfriend and I have been constantly fighting. The relationship could be tiring but you can’t really just let go because you don’t want to throw everything away just like that. It’s painful.)

 The emotions that came in the writing process transcended through the song and tugs your heart right into the core. The song opens with the question ‘Kita Pa Ba?’ (Are we still together?) and the track goes on from questioning the status of your relationship to begging until it begins to seek compromise even though the relationship has gone downright exhausting and painful.

Kita Pa Ba? is more than just a song but more of a phase in love where someone has been caught some time in their lives. And if ever you find yourself torn between letting go and pushing through, give this song a play.

Remnants of Love
When the love is gone, all that is left are the memories that either haunts us or we keep replaying inside our heads like a broken record. Mga Ni-Agi reminds us of those moments, when all the remnants remind of bittersweet times, are replayed to get a glimpse of what we once had and who we once loved.


Composed by John Lloyd Pozon and given life by John Michael Come, the song brings us back to fresh breakups when we are left hurt by the one who got away yet the feeling continue to seek. The sight of him or her continues to give us a jab in the gut but still, we reminisce what went by because that is all that we have.

Mga Ni-Agi concludes the cycle of love with a tinge of desire to break free and move on as the last line connotes. And believe me, everyone who has ever loved woke up one day realizing that when the one they loved is in love with someone else, the best choice is to simply let go and move forward.

Ten songs with ten different stories, each a soundtrack for a certain phase in one’s life. Himog Huni Unang Hugna is definitely worth the listen. And though the night will conclude with a sole champion, the artists behind this will agree that the real winners are the Bohol music scene and the Boholanos who will get to enjoy the best of what local artist can render.

The Grand Finals of Himog Huni Unang Hugna will be on January 6, 2018, 7 pm, at the Buon Pastore Community Center, Immaculate Heart of Mary Seminary, Taloto District, Tagbilaran City.

All photos courtesy of Himo’g Huni and Kristian Nikko Geangan.

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