The Comeback

May of last year, I made the bold decision of going back to school. At that time, Deejay Writes was already barely there. It wasn’t that updated and I was not in my best self to write things. And given the weight of my dream, a few things have to be put aside. The blogging has to wait.

While preparing for the board exam, I came face to face with many uncertainties. I will never know when I’ll get a job (I resigned to focus on the review) and the result of my board exam will still be a big mystery until its scheduled release date. However, like the first blog post I’ve written three years ago, I am certain that I can still write. Not as great as others, but I know I can.

When I came back to Bohol and resumed attending events as a blogger, that’s when I felt the hunger. I miss the blogging life. I miss being there on the scene, taking photos despite my dismal photography skill while experiencing and learning new things. I miss coming home enhancing the photos and thinking about how to write about a business, or an event, or a destination. I miss the sound of my fingers tapping the keyboard as I type a new blog post.

To be totally honest, it was through blogging (and writing for a local newspaper back then) that ushered me to good places. More than just being remembered as the Deejay Writes or being considered as one of Bohol’s “top” bloggers, there is no greater joy than the knowledge that you have helped an establishment or a person, or an event get their names out there. And that’s the kind of heartwarming euphoria that I wish to relieve.

It took me nearly a year before coming back with a replenished spirit and I am very much excited to start this process all over again. I’m excited about all the stories I am to write and all the places I will be going to and all the people I will be meeting along the way. I’m looking forward to the many new experiences that I’ll get myself into and above all, the growth that comes with blogging.

A lot might have changed in the landscape. I started with the blogging scene occupied by a handful and now, I am sharing the adventure with my comrades from the Bohol Bloggers Collective. Vlogging has also become a thing now. The thought of transitioning from blogging to vlogging has come to mind and friends repeatedly tell me that I should, considering my “personality” (I am no fun at all, trust me. HAHA).

Regardless, I know that it is in blogging where I belong. This time, I will not only introduce you to what’s new and what’s happening. I will let you take a peek at my world, discuss aspects of me and life, and build a more personal connection with you. After all, this blog will not persist without you, my dearest readers.

The old Deejay Writes can’t come online right now, that I often emphasize. This is the comeback of the blog that brought me to great places, but with a new take and a new perspective. Many great things will come our way.

The question is…are you ready for it?

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